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If I don't see well with my new doctor's prescription?

All doctor prescription changes will be remade at no charge within 90 days of original pick-up date. If you are experiencing problems with your new eyewear, please kindly inform us immediately.

If I accidentally break my frame?

All frames purchased with us are subject to manufacturer warranty discretion. If for any reason it’s not covered by the manufacturer we will order it for you at a discounted price.

If I accidentally scratch my lenses?

We will order you new lenses at a special discounted rate to help you with your mishap.

If I lose my eyewear?

We will provide you with a 20% discount on your new replacement pair within a year of your original pick-up date.

If I decide to cancel my order?

All eyewear is made to specification and therefore are not refundable. However, a store credit can be held for you to use at a later date or transferred to a family or friend.

If I need to replace the screw or nose pad on my frame?

We will gladly replace them for you at no charge at any one of our locations.

If I accidentally bend my frame and needs readjustment?

We will evaluate the extent of it and advise you accordingly. In many cases, a simple adjustment can be the solution which we will gladly do for you at no charge at any one of our locations.

If I need my frame adjusted?

We will gladly do that for you as a courtesy at any of our locations.

If I change my mind on my frame choice?

We will offer you a one-time courtesy restyle. The frame should be in original condition and brought within three days of your original pick-up date.

Need help with something else?

Thanks for contacting us! Your request has been received by our support staff, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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