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We Make A Difference In Kids Eyewear

Vision plays an important part in the development of children.

Keep their eyes as healthy as possible with an annual eye exam.


Make sure their eyes are well protected by wearing polycarbonate lenses. They provide UV protection, are safer, lighter and cosmetically thinner for a more natural eye appearance and better-looking eyewear! You will be glad to know that polycarbonate lenses are included in all our children’s eyewear! Same day service available!


We test the lenses at our in-house lab.  Protecting the eyes and great looking eyewear is surprisingly affordable. Same day service available!

Blue Light Protection

Seen by our eyes it is part of the visible spectrum. Not all blue light is harmful but long term exposure to blue-violet light rays (HEVL) has been associated with retinal cell damage and age-related macular degeneration. When blue light is scattered by moisture or dust in the air it does not come to focus on the retina causing image blur. The amount of time children spend on electronic devices and in sun light (both emitters of dangerous blue-violet light) is especially concerning. Same day service available!
(More about Blue)

AR/Non-Reflection Lenses

AR can actually help you see better! It deflects scattered light so the retina can send a clearer picture of what it sees to the brain. Today’s AR lenses are more durable and free of reflections so your eyes and eyewear can look their very best. Same day service available!


Provides UV and blue light protection reduces scattered light and glare. Glare results in a loss of visual performance which is produced when an object or light source is brighter than the eyes can adapt. Best choice for overall Sunwear protection. Same day service available!

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Starting as low as


Includes single vision polycarbonate lenses and stylish frame!

*Certain restrictions may apply

Sports & Activities

Fortunately, coaches, parents, and players realize more than ever the importance of wearing protective eyewear for eye and facial protection. Prevent Blindness America reports that hospital emergency rooms treat more than forty thousand sports-related eye injuries yearly. Studies show that 90% of injuries can be prevented. Make sure polycarbonate lens material is used. Frame or goggle should be sport specific and meet safety standards. Same day service available!

UV Protection

Long term exposure to these invisible damaging rays can cause cataract growth and damage the skin around the eyes. Included in polycarbonate lens. Same day service available!


Children will enjoy trying-on frames from brands they know! Same day service available!


More eye injuries occur from water and sport-related activities than any other sport. Eye injuries can include infections, irritations, scratches and the risk for Acanthamoeba keratitis for contact lens wearers. Same day service available!


Protects your eyes in most lighting conditions. Provides UV and blue protection. Enjoy lenses that change from clear to sun wear without having to switch eyewear. Same day service available!

Why Eyeglasses Help You See Better

Sometimes your eye shape makes it difficult for the cornea, lens and retina to work perfectly together. When this occurs you will see out of focus. In order to correct this your doctor will prescribe lenses that will properly bend the light to help you focus the images correctly on your retina. With or without eyeglasses the message your optic nerve sends to your brain is upside down. Amazingly, your brain knows how to flip the image over so it is right side up!

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