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Prescribed (ground-in prism) corrects double vision and helps those with positional and convergence issues. We fabricate the prism in your lenses at our in-house lab. Same day service available!

Dry Eyes

For those who suffer from dry eye syndrome due to Sjögren’s or other tear film anomalies, moisture chamber eyewear may help manage and/or provide relief. It minimizes airflow over the ocular surface to help slow down tear evaporation. Same day service available.

Ptosis Crutch Eyewear

When there is a partial or full closing of the upper eyelid a specialized attachment to the frame (designed by us) can help lift and hold the eyelid in place. This attachment is comfortable, cosmetically appealing, prescription friendly and can be applied on most frames.

Lens Occluder

Provides better cosmetics over conventional methods. The occluded eye can be seen by the observer for a more natural look. Same day service available!

Fresnel Prism

A plastic clear film applied on the entire or portion of the lens surface to correct double vision and manage hemianopsia. Same day service available!

Night Lenses

Our eyes react differently during dusk and nighttime conditions. In low light, the human eye shifts from green (low energy) to blue (high energy) light sensitivity, thus giving the sensation of increased glare. Lens colors and coatings are available for those who find it difficult seeing or driving at night.

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A therapeutic color is available that can selectively filter certain colors of the visible spectrum that are thought to trigger migraines. Same day service available.

Contrast & Depth Perception

The ability to distinguish between the object and the viewing background can be improved by selectively filtering certain colors of the visible spectrum.  Same day service available!

Therapeutic Lenses for Macular Degeneration

High energy blue-violet light has been associated with age-related macular degeneration. Specific colors of the visible spectrum are selectively absorbed to protect remaining vision. Same day service available.


Fresnel and Pele prism lenses may be able to help/manage those who have suffered partial vision loss. Same day service available.

3D Frame Printing

Provides fitting options for those with prosthesis.

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