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How Sunglasses Can Protect Your Eyes

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Invisible, it presents a risk to the delicate skin around the eyes. Prolonged exposure can lead to ocular damage and can increase the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Our in-house labs verify the UVA and UVB in your lenses to ensure your eyes are being probably protected. Same day service available!
Seen by our eyes it is part of the visible spectrum. Not all blue light is harmful but long term exposure to blue-violet light rays (HEVL) has been associated with retinal cell damage and age-related macular degeneration. When blue light is scattered by moisture or dust in the air it does not come to focus on the retina causing image blur. The amount of time adults and children spend on electronic devices and in sunlight (both emitters of dangerous blue-violet light) is especially concerning. Same day service available!

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Aside from cosmetics, lens colors (tints) can be used to improve acuity, clarity, contrast, and depth perception. Therapeutic colors can benefit those who suffer from migraines, color blindness, and night vision.
Provides UV, blue-violet light and glare protection. Glare results in a loss of visual performance which is when an object or light source is brighter than the eyes can adapt. Same day service available!
Aside from cosmetics, they provide extra protection against glare. Mirrored lenses are especially helpful for water and snow activities.
Certain sunglass shapes can benefit by having AR applied to the backside surface of the lens to avoid visual disruptive reflections. Same day service available!
Provides UV and blue-violet light sun protection. Lenses change from clear to dark in about 60 seconds with the convenience of not having to change eyewear.
We Test Your Lenses to Better Ensure Your Eyes Stay as Healthy as Possible
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